seeking to serve Christ and to make disciples to share his love.

St. Peter’s exists to love Christ, serve others, and enrich our community. We are a congregation of sinners bound by the unfailing love of Christ.  We seek to serve the hurting, love our neighbors, and spread the Gospel through community service and faithful worship.


311 W. 7th | Columbia, TN

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8:00 AM Holy Communion (Rite I Traditional Language) Masks provided

and encouraged.  One sung hymn while masked.  Up to 4 worshipers in

side aisle pews.

9:15 AM Holy Communion (Rite II Contemporary Language)

Child-friendly family service with hymns; therefore, some

worshipers will be unable to be masked for part or all of liturgy.

Children's sermon; adult sermon after children dismissed

for Sunday School.

11:00 AM Holy Communion (Rite II Contemporary Language) "Live-streamed" on YouTube (http://livesaintpeterscolumbia.org/) and broadcast on WKRM 103.7 FM Sung hymns and service music.  Masks provided and encouraged.

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Please join us.


Wednesday Healing Service 

10:30 AM



Chris Bowhay began his service at St. Peter’s in April of 2015. He was ordained in Washington, D.C. in 1992, married to Sally in San Francisco in 1997 and, with their daughter Augusta, cheerfully followed Our Lord's call to Houston in 2000 and then Nashville in 2012. He loves to experience and then share connections between old books he reads, new movies he watches, music of all kinds, and the love of God.  He secretly wishes he could be a chef, write scripts for scary movies, or design and make fireworks—anything that delights and brings people together.

Walker Vining


Aaron Evans

Choir Director

Glenn Perry


Perry Terhune


Randolph Lockridge


Lynn June

Nursery Director

Rev. Bonnie Lloyd-Downs


Gary Prewitt

Parish Administrator

Ashley Maddux

Financial Secretary

The Rev. Christopher Bowhay



Where we are located

We are located in historic downtown Columbia at 311 W. 7th St., just west of the Polk Presidential Home.

Where to park

Our parking lot is located just south of the church. From W. 7th street, turn left onto Walker St; the first left is the entrance. The main entrance into the church is through the double doors on W. 7th St. However, you can enter through the parking lot up the stairs in the middle of the northern edge of the lot. Those with walkers or wheel chairs should turn left from W. 7th St. onto Frierson St. between the church and the James K. Polk Ancestral Home and Museum where you will find several handicap spaces. Follow the ramp to the side entrance of the church.

What to expect on Sundays

8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist Rite I (a simply traditional service with Elizabethan language). While there is no choir at this service, the congregation sings several hymns accompanied by the organ. 9:00 AM - Sunday School classes for children, youth, and adults 10:30 AM - Holy Eucharist Rite II (a service in more contemporary language). During the school year, the choir leads congregational singing accompanied by the organ.

What to expect when you get inside

As you enter the church, An usher will greet you with a worship bulletin. The bulletin contains instructions on what to do during the service and the page numbers for the Book of Common Prayer (red book) and the hymnal (blue book). Both books are found in the pews. If you aren't sure what to do, please ask someone nearby. We are glad to help.

Where to sit

Please sit wherever you feel comfortable. If the church is crowded or if you arrive after the worship has started, the ushers will help you find a seat.

If you have children

Children are welcome at all Sunday services. Families may also bring their children (infants to young children) to the nursery. Please ask an usher to show you there. When the congregation begins to form a line to receive Communion, most parents collect their children from the nursery so that the whole family can be together at the Altar Rail. The nursery attendants can tell you when to do this.

How to take Communion

All baptized people are welcome to take Holy Communion at the Episcopal Church. Follow the other worshipers down the aisle and take your place at the Altar Rail. You may either kneel or stand. The priest will place the consecrated Wafer in your hands (or, if you prefer, directly on your tongue) which should be together palms up. A chalice-bearer will bring you the chalice with the consecrated Wine. You may choose to receive the Wine directly from the chalice by gently guiding it to your lips, by intinction (dipping your Wafer into the Wine), or by leaving the Wafer in your hands so that the chalice-bearer can intinct it for you and place it on your tongue. If you choose not to receive the Wine, simply cross your arms across your chest after you have received the Wafer. It is courteous to remain at your place at the Altar Rail until the person at your left is finished. Gluten-free Wafers are available; signal your intention by crossing one arm over your chest as the priest comes toward you. If you choose not to receive Holy Communion, please come forward to the rail for a blessing from the priest. Signal your intention by crossing both arms over your chest like an X.

Children receiving Communion

At their parents' discretion, baptized children may receive Holy Communion. If their parents prefer, they can receive a blessing from the priest if they cross their arms over their chest in the form of an X.


We would love for you to come inside and become familiar with our facility. Take a 3d tour then come and see us in person. We can't wait to meet you.

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3d tour


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St. John’s is an Episcopal Church located in the community of Ashwood 6 miles south of Columbia, Tennessee. St. John’s was constructed on the Polk Plantation under the direction of Leonidas Polk who later became Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana. Construction requiring 3 years was completed in 1842. St. John’s was an active church in the Diocese of Tennessee until 1915. During the Civil War, St. John’s was used as a hospital by the Confederate Army. Today, St. John’s is used by St. Peter’s for an annual Spring and Autumn pilgrimage.

311 w. 7th
Columbia, TN 38401
in historic downtown Columbia

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