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Stewardship Campaign 2024

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Dear Fellow Parishioners:


It is an exciting time to be at St. Peter’s! The Church is growing and alive with new faces in the pews and much needed updates to our historic building. We are seeing more participation in children and youth activities, outreach efforts, Daughters of the King chapter, men’s fellowship and in many other areas. We write to you today to invite you to participate in reaching our goals for the coming year. 

As a family blended of longtime generational members and newcomers, we are honored to chair this year’s Stewardship committee. For our newcomers who may not know, in the Episcopal Church, “stewardship” is the word we use to describe the way we think about and handle the gifts that God has given to us, financial and otherwise. This is done many ways, but the most familiar method is through a pledge. A pledge is simply a grace-based promise to give a certain amount to God through St. Peter’s in any given year. Traditionally, this promise is made by filling out a Pledge Card, which is then given to the Treasurer, but there are other methods as well.

Our goal for this campaign is to increase the number of households that participate in making a pledge, not just the amount of money pledged. It truly takes all of us to keep this Church family growing for future generations. Each of our pledges counts in the sustainability of St. Peter’s and allows our Vestry to budget and plan for the coming year. Without our commitment, we do not have the foresight into what all we can accomplish and maintain in 2024. Most importantly, it is an expression of gratitude to God and trust in Him.

A pledge is a commitment to giving throughout 2024 and a promise to support our Church in the coming year. This is not a gift up front. With three teenage girls, we are well versed in the impact of increasing expenses. This is why our goal is to grow the number of households that pledge. All gifts count, no matter the amount. 

There are a few ways to pledge for 2024:

1.     Fill out a paper pledge card and drop it in the plate on Sunday

2.     Complete the electronic pledge card below

3.     Talk directly to our Financial Secretary, Carroll Kilgore

Thank you for your support and let’s look forward to another successful year at St. Peter’s!


Gratefully, in Christ,

Jane Anne & Thomas Webster

To make a pledge, please fill out the form below. No payment is necessary at this time. We will contact you to follow up. All pledges are confidential.

For any questions, please contact Carroll Kilgore

St. Peter's Financial Secretary


The Reverend Christopher Bowhay



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